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QUALITY WOODEN, ALUMINIUM & UPVC DOORS & WINDOWS We create beautifully crafted wooden, aluminium and uPVC doo...View more

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About us

ABOUT US OUR MISSION “Joining and Moulding Quality Energy Efficient Fenestration” SAFIERA ACCREDITED MANUFACTURER OF ENERGY EFFICIENT FENESTRATION – WOOD, UPVC AND ALUMINIUM. After spending my formative years gaining experience in manufacturing I jumped at the opportunity in 1997 to start K Parker Joinery. My specialist team and I built the business on providing WOODEN doors, windows and mouldings paying close attention to quality, custom products at affordable prices and client’s needs. Following the architects design requirements for products requiring less maintenance we have also expanded or rage to include uPVC and Aluminium. Our loyal customers include architects, trade and the public. Building dream homes, commercial properties or executive hotels, both locally and across our boarders. Our strength is our ability to match your needs with the correct framing material and glazing combination. We will also supply and install where required. REQUIREMENTS BY LAW: Fenestration incorporates all the window and door openings in a building. Energy usage in buildings SANS 10400 XA is a requirement by law. This regulation requires a product, as a whole (framing and glass) to be Energy Efficient. For many of our competitors this still presents a challenge. As we believe in being a responsible and environmentally conscious business, we rose to the challenge and today remain the leading joinery in accreditation and compliance. Our Performance Certificate covers mechanical factors such as air infiltration, water penetration and structural pressures. To prove the Energy Efficiency of our products, we have invested heavily in SAFIERA Energy Rating tests, which measure the product as a whole (Framing and Glass) and simulated over 250 glazing combinations to find the best solutions for your residential or commercial building. Still, few customers are aware of the benefits of an approved Energy Efficient product, and the importance thereof. As leaders in this field, we believe that our investment in our products, to ensure Energy Efficiency has played a huge part in raising the environmental consciousness of customers. Our customers have peace of mind that they bought the right product.


Products & Services

UPVC: K Parker Joinery offers a complete range of REHAU uPVC doors and windows. This is an exciting and very complimentary addition to our wooden range. uPVC has the same excellent Energy Efficiency as wood, if not slightly better. Although wood is my first love, it is important to note 5 very unique advantages of uPVC: Firstly and most importantly, uPVC offers increased security through its multi locking systems. Secondly uPVC is maintenance free. Thirdly double glazing combined with uPVC can reduce noise by up to 80%. Fourthly uPVC is extremely durable. Lastly UV stabilizers have been added to stop the sun breaking down the material. ALUMINIUM: K Parker Joinery offers a full range of Aluminium doors and windows. By far the most popular material in South Africa it has its own unique advantage. The colour range is extensive and design capabilities for home, office and commercial applications are unrivalled. Aluminium is the most affordable option, hassle free and our product offers good durability. Although being the least Energy Efficiency performing material, it is still a popular choice for most South Africans. It must therefore be noted that it is important to choose the correct glazing option to get the most Energy Efficiency from Aluminium. As more than 70% of energy is lost through glass, PG Smartglass ™ products can provide an effective solution for the thermal shortcomings of Aluminium. SMARTGLASS™: KPJ is an accredited and preferred installer and product provider of all PG Smartglass ™. We cater for Single and Double glazing units (IGU). PG Smartglass ™ X1 and X2 ranges offers the best quality with the longest guarantee (10 years) in the market. The range of glass includes LowE (Emissivity) and a number of shading combinations using improved technology (Saint-Gobian) coatings. This technology vastly improves the light visibility allowing the best suited application for your home, office or commercial building. Providing a comfortable environment to live and work in. MOULDINGS: Kelly Parker Mouldings (KPM) Division offers a full range of carefully crafted mouldings, architraves and skirting. Adding superior finishes to your interior design. A wide range of exotic timbers are available. We also supply products in Medium Density Fibre board (MDF). All profiles are produced to offer bespoke quality. KPM can produce any costumed designed profile, meeting any customer individual need.



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