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Newly Added Businesses in Eastern Cape

Trumps Packaging

Address: Coopers And Lybrand House 29 Western Road 6001 Oos-Kaap 6001

Category: packaging

Trinity Broadcasting Network

Address: Independence Blvrd Bhisho Oos-Kaap

Category: Religious Services

Tornado Tracers And Investigators

Address: 16 Zebrano Street Algoa Park Oos-Kaap 6001

Category: Investigation Services

Time To Travel

Address: Mthatha Oos-Kaap 5200

Category: Construction And Renovation

Tianjin Limac Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 302 Tower B No. 189 Xinda Road Tianjin Oos-Kaap 300140

Category: Industrial Supplies And Services

The Waste Trade Company

Address: Fhs House Newton Park Oos-Kaap 6045

Category: Waste

The Cutting

Address: 131 Greenway Greenside Oos-Kaap 6270

Category: Community Services

Taxi Fone Technologies

Address: 122 George Avenue Sandringham Oos-Kaap 2192

Category: Technology

T V R Construction

Address: Pula Farm Meisies Halt Gonubie Oos-Kaap 5257

Category: Construction And Renovation

Susiphe Construction

Address: Unknown Oos-Kaap

Category: Builders

Supermarket Sales And Merchandising Brokers

Address: 8 Wemmer Drive Discovery Oos-Kaap 6270

Category: Supermarket Sales

Stepping South

Address: Second Floor 201 Nedbank Plaza Arcadia Oos-Kaap 0007

Category: Business Consulting

Specialised Petroleum Products

Address: 10 Portland Place West Bank Oos-Kaap 5201

Category: Industrial Supplies And Services

Sonland Ontwikkeling

Address: 140 Hamilton Street Arcadia Oos-Kaap 0083

Category: Surety Insurance

Soganile Projects

Address: 105 Worcester House Orange Grove Oos-Kaap 2192

Category: Communication Services

Snappy Paper Industries

Address: Semargebou Kamer 104 Pretoriusstraat 404 Arcadia Oos-Kaap 83

Category: Paper Industries

Silver Square Digital Broadcast Communications

Address: 807 Park Street Arcadia Oos-Kaap 0083

Category: Technology

Trojan Moon Internet Cafe And Business Lounge

Address: Schaffli Road Shop C Kelu Building The Village Centre Kwelera Oos-Kaap 5259

Category: Finance And Legal

Treat Eat Pies

Address: 49 Elliot Road Kenton-On-Sea Oos-Kaap 6191

Category: Pies

Topline Footwear

Address: Voortrekkkerweg 54 Humasdorp Oos-Kaap 6300

Category: Transportations

Time And Labour Consultants

Address: 366 Ridge Road Berea Oos-Kaap 4001

Category: Community Services

Thuthuzela Care Centres

Address: Cecilia Makiwane Hosp Billy Road Mdantsane Oos-Kaap

Category: Fishing And Forestry

The Rasa Productions

Address: 82 Bulwer Road Berea Oos-Kaap 4001

Category: Wood Products

Telkom Sa

Address: Ford Glemorgan Prison 25 Bank Street Wes Bank Oos-Londen Oos-Kaap


Tavcor Motor Group Motorent

Address: Sebastian Street North End Oos-Kaap 6001

Category: car hire

Systemic Business Solutions

Address: 3Rd Floor - Hamilton Forum Arcadia Oos-Kaap 0083

Category: Business And Professional Services

Supreme Health Consultants

Address: Third Floor Kingsley Center Arcadia Oos-Kaap 0083

Category: Business Consulting

Sundial Inn

Address: Bed And Breakfast Accommodation In Grahamstown Oos-Kaap

Category: Accommodations

Steelmac Precision And General Engineering

Address: Fabriek Street Graaff-Reinet Oos-Kaap

Category: Commercial Services - Services

Spartan Genset Hire

Address: 122 George Avenue Sandringham Oos-Kaap 2192

Category: Business Services


Address: Ground Floor Aspern House Transvaal Oos-Kaap

Category: Business And Professional Services

Software Development

Address: 955 Connecticut Avenue Ste 5227/28 Bridgeport Ct 06607 Usa United States Oos-Kaap 06607


Slaters Transport Cc

Address: Umtata Oos-Kaap 5100

Category: Building Constructions

Silulinazi Cleaning And Catering Services

Address: 37 Blakeway Road Natal Oos-Kaap 5100

Category: Business And Professional Services

Triple A Communications

Address: No 10 Eldorado Road Greenside Oos-Kaap


Tradepost 2024

Address: 108 Hesseldor Berea Oos-Kaap 2198

Category: Pipelines

Topfin Konsultante

Address: Cleeveweg 4 Cotswold Oos-Kaap 6001

Category: Finance And Legal

Tiisetso Communications

Address: Suite 105 Arcadia Centre Arcadia Oos-Kaap 0083

Category: Communication Services

Three M Sa Proprietary Company

Address: 1 Military Road West Bank Oos-Kaap

Category: Home Office And Leisure

The Gem Garage

Address: 101/105 Church Street Graaff-Reinet Oos-Kaap 6280

Category: Automotives

Telkom Direct

Address: 22 - 24 Gladstone Str Sterling House Oos-Kaap 5200

Category: Technology

Tabankulu Agric Supplies

Address: Box 1178 Tabankulu Oos-Kaap

Category: Agricultural Implements

Swell Tours

Address: Mdumbi Transkei Wild Coast Oos-Kaap 5001

Category: Construction And Renovation

Sun Rise Tradelink

Address: 82 Bulwer Road Berea Oos-Kaap 4001

Category: Business Consulting

Spotless Window Cleaners

Address: 15 Aloe Plce Arnold Street Gonubie Oos-Kaap 5257

Category: Real Estate And Insurance

Southern Ambition 134

Address: Unknown Oos-Kaap

Category: Corporate Protection

Soloprop 1147

Address: 3Rd Floor Hamilton Forum Arcadia Oos-Kaap 0083

Category: Surety Insurance

Snl Manufacturing Asset Consultants

Address: 15 Clearview Place Beacon Bay Oos-Kaap 5241

Category: Asset Consultants


Address: 32 Van Reenen Street Eastern Cape Oos-Kaap 5900

Category: Transportations