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Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission is to delivery accuracy in data and satisfaction to both, customers and Business owners. The Power of online presence is now being vital for every business; we strive hard to achieve long-term growth and development in this environment of continuous challenges.
We focus on two major areas:
Vision will be the online directory of business in and around South Africa and will make a strong bonding between customers and Business Owners. We serve this community as a bridge in between the customers and business owners to ensure equal importance on benefits for both.

We shall pursue good excellence in the quality of our data, satisfaction to customer and service to Business partners. We will hold high standards in accuracy and accessibility for efficient usage of our website results.

We shall ensure good deeds and act ethically and take responsibility in all areas of our business and in all of our customer / business relationships. We will stick to regulatory standards, and will ensure accuracy at all times by our stated values.

Our success lies on our ability to strive results for every customer search. Each customer is accountable and we work hard to their satisfaction. We will work together with the business owners to maximize the quality and result.

We believe in end customers, on all levels, customers are the basis for our success. We will create a user-friendly environment that provides equal opportunity to customers reviews which will be helpful for other customers and also make strict audits on our data to be in compliance and up to date.

Creativity and Innovation
We shall ensure and improve creative thinking that helps us serve the people better. We will implement new techniques and make innovation in our website and make sure we achieve quality source in this competitive environment.